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Ann Slater Fresh Organic Vegetables

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All season.  

OMAFRA's Ontario Farmers' Markets Strategy

The Ontario government wants to see more Ontario grown food on the tables of Ontario families. Learn more about OMAFRA's Ontario Farmers' Markets Strategy.
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Market Verification Program

The new farmers' market Verification Program will be dedicated to real farmers selling locally-grown products directly to you, the Ontario consumer. You will have our guarantee that the vendors are farmers and the food is fresh!
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In-Season at the St. Marys Farmers Market

St. Marys Farmers' Market
Eshcol Farm
Available Now: Available all season at the St. Marys Farmers' Market; available all year at the farm.
Ann Slater Fresh Organic Vegetables
Available Now: All season.
Sheldon Berries
Available Now: We have product from early June into November at the St. Marys Farmers' Market and at our farm store. We also have frozen berries year round at our farm store.
Available Now: All season at market and by weekly order during non-market season.
Transvaal Farm
Available Now: Available throughout the St. Marys Farmers' Market season.
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