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Ann Slater Fresh Organic Vegetables

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Market Verification Program

The new farmers' market Verification Program will be dedicated to real farmers selling locally-grown products directly to you, the Ontario consumer. You will have our guarantee that the vendors are farmers and the food is fresh!
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St. Marys Farmers Market

If you are looking for farm fresh produce and meats, home made preserves and baking, as well as hand made crafts and artwork the St. Marys Farmers Market is the place to be!

Eshcol Farm
Stewart Slater
R.R. 1, Lakeside, ON N0M 2G0
519-349-2783 or 519-349-2611

About Us
Certified organic farm/organic dairy farm, shipping organic milk to Organic Meadow Co-op.

Producer of:  Organic ground beef. Organic veal from our 6 month old male calves who are raised in small pens with access to fresh air, fed organic milk, organic hay and organic grain.

Supplier of:  Organic ground beef, various cuts of organic red veal. quarters and halves of veal as well as 25 lb. boxes of organic red veal, all beef summer sausage, and all beef pepperettes.

Available Now:  Available all season at the St. Marys Farmers' Market; available all year at the farm.

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